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Photo of a machinist working on a machine.
Close-up photo of a Condar mesh screen and the half inch rings at the top.
Custom mesh screens can be useful
for safety, dynamometer testing, divider
curtains, etc.

Finish options include painted rust-inhibiting
black enamel, SAE 304 stainless steel,
or solid brass. All can withstand
high temperatures and humidity.

Customizable options include:

  • Standard 0.5 inch (1 cm) tighly wound rings spaced 2.5 inches (6 cm) apart that can be removed or made larger
  • Standard screens come in pairs, with each panel 24 inches (61 cm) wide and 16 inches (41 cm) to 36 inches (91 cm) tall that can be customized to be wider or longer
  • Matching black metal or bright silver valances come standard with adjustable lengths between 31 1/2 inches (80 cm) and 62 inches (157 cm) [bright silver up to 48 inches (122 cm)] wide that can be customized to be wider or longer.

To order a custom mesh screen complete or for more information.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery on custom-fabricated fireplace screens. Custom fabricated screens are non-refundable. Thank you!

Condar offers Rod and Valance kits to hang mesh screens in style. See the page for more information.

Two of our satisfied customers:

Taylor Dynamometer, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Techno-Bloc, located in Montreal, creates an assortment of fireplace, landscaping and patio products,
like the fireplace pictured here.
Photo of an outdoor fireplace with a Condar mesh screen installed.
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Techno Bloc logo
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